hola, hola – hello

i have spent most of my life scouting for words to describe feelings and merely to be dramatic: suppressing the telenovela that lives within me. i am a feeler of feelings and a lover of words. yet, words in both languages tend to dissipate before i can hold them. leaving me clueless and gasping for another to slip back into existence. but they never seem to do so, until months later.

when i was seven, an unknown horizon dawned in front of me as one narrowed behind me. that’s when the scouting began. like any other elementary schooler, i resorted to the lockable diaries. my diary dwells on being forced to wear shoes that didn’t match my outfit. but, it also mentions my excitement and anticipation as i chose Harriet Tubman for a fifth grade project. somehow, these juxtapositions abridge the inklings in my life – a push and pull between ethics and aesthetics.

por ahora, i daydream about a world sin fronteras— for now, crushing borders through metaphors and visual poems. y eso es lo que hago aqui. enamorandome de esta vida complicada, dolorosa pero ultimadamente: asombrosamente bella. hay vida más allá de nuestras fronteras

con amor,

y. / ïgriega


lo que traigo puesto: suéter marca H&M, chaqueta de Unique, botas de Target $10 en Bargain Hunt. Bolso Vegan leather tj Maxx – labios: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Photography by Lisa M. Pham, styling/editing by Yaz