stand still

Earlier this year, I watched as my dog’s eyes started directly into mine. We were both dancing in the moment; both aware of our existence. He was terminally ill, and that moment was the last moment we’d share. I took his face and held him tight, I watched his plump brown eyes stare into mine until they turned into a bold deep sea. It was dolorously poetic, but one that taught me the art and importance of being mindful.In hindsight, this could have been helpful long ago when coping mechanisms were off the charts. Since, I find myself in these situations more often than not. Overcoming my own walls and burdens are still a work in progress, but it helps to remind myself that this is simply what it means to be human. For the longest time, I let myself completely sink into the sand, instead of allowing to acumen tingling’s to my feet, and take it slow. I thought that to be able to fully overcome my anxieties, I had to drown in them. I thought I had to fully drown in sadness, to experience it— to overcome it.Today, when I find myself tearing up on my daily jog, I now also find myself taking a deep breath and taking a gulp of the moment. there’s a sort of comfort in feelings that arrive without warning. In being human, after all.Somehow beauty still manages to leak through even the driest, empty places . And so, I have begun to explore and stop myself from limiting myself in these empty, lonely places. on weeks and days that feel like never-ending, dry-hot, drenching, mindless deserts— I fully immerse my feet into the sand and take it slow take a deep breath- suspira

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